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Alaska Permanent Capital Management brings you a team of We provide sound financial advice and portfolio management allowing you to focus on your business, family and personal goals with a sense of empowerment and well-being.

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With more than 100 years of combined experience in the financial services industry, members of the APCM team work on your behalf. Our investment team members have advanced degrees and professional designations, including:


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Redefining Risk

What a month October was. Markets went in a direction that made investors pause, and volatility (often considered the market term for “risk”) dominated the headlines.  At APCM, investment team members spent our time digesting economic and financial market data to look beneath the headlines and determine if these movements materially impacted our current outlook […]
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Fraud, protecting people you love

A client called recently with excitement to alert us to his $1,000,000+ gaming winnings he was expecting to receive and the need to pull cash from his retirement assets to cover the fees he had to pay to collect.  He had no Power of Attorney on file, but we did have a family member’s name […]
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A Sandwich of Care

Like many of you, I find myself sandwiched between parenting my 6 and 11-year-olds while caring for my 80+ year old mom with dementia.  That’s my Mom beaming with her completed write-in ballot while my oldest is on the computer behind her.  We live this “Sandwich Generation” concept every day at my home. There is […]
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