Over the last 25 years we have worked with Alaska organizations to provide a clear financial path forward, enabling them to focus on their primary objectives and future growth.

Who We Are

Alaska Permanent Capital Management was founded by Dave Rose in 1992. Dave made Alaska his home in the 1960’s. His professional and volunteer experience helped shape Anchorage and Alaska for many years. Through his work as the first Director of the Alaska Permanent Fund his legacy can still be seen today. Dave’s philosophy of ‘do the right thing for Alaskans’ is the foundation of Alaska Permanent Capital Management; it inspires community engagement, provides direction to hire the experts and motivates the team to deliver exceptional client service.

Headquartered in Alaska, relationships are maintained with a diverse client base that includes: Alaska Native Corporations, endowments and foundations, health care organizations, state and local governments, and individuals.

Investment Management

The APCM investment approach is based on sound principles and an enduring philosophy. Our investment process begins by determining what your investments need to accomplish.

Meet the Investment Team

Our investment team is composed of highly experienced individuals. Six analysts at the firm hold the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, the highest regarded credential in the financial services industry. The team provides expert financial guidance in collaboration with clients to assist, define, and achieve their financial goals.

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Investing for Local Growth

APCM is the investment adviser for the Alaska Municipal League Investment Pool (AMLIP), a non-profit corporation formed by the Alaska Municipal League (AML) to provide investment services under the Alaska Investment Pool Act of 1992.

Blog Posts

APCM Views – Election 2020

We are headed into an election year and undoubtedly the race for the White House will have many twists and turns. For markets, that can lead to volatility since there is a complex interaction between government policy, economic growth and corporate earnings. Below we take a look at investors’ views on the importance of the […]
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Giving through adversity is what makes us great

There are daily headlines about looming recession, lower dollars in the state budget and cuts in corporate giving to charity. In this season of thanksgiving I’d like to remind us all that we have been here before and what pulled us through then is what I believe will pull us through now. The strong sense […]
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A Case for Rational Optimism: A Parallel of Two Decades

This summer, I had the opportunity to speak at Accelerate: Alaska, a conference focused on the opportunities, challenges, and future of Alaska. There were a number of speakers at the conference who spoke on a wide range of topics, from behavioral finance to infrastructure. I chose to speak on the case for rational optimism for […]
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