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Meet our intern – Jack Straub

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In early May 2017, I was winding down my sophomore year at the University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA).  I was in my Business Statistics for Economics class sitting next to a classmate by the name of Nolan Cady. Nolan is a former intern, now working here as an Operations Analyst for the Institutional team. Like Nolan, I am majoring in Finance.

Nolan happened to mention an internship opportunity the coming summer at Alaska Permanent Capital Management. I thought about how beneficial it would be for me to have an internship as a sophomore, especially considering that most of the applicants are juniors, seniors, and even graduates.  Always wanting to be one step ahead of the competition, I optimistically applied, but I did not get the summer internship. However, I was persistent and applied again for the fall internship at APCM and here I am.

My name is Jack Straub. I was born in Columbus, Ohio. When I was two, my family was stationed at Elmendorf AFB and we moved to Chugiak, Alaska, where we reside today. I have always enjoyed playing sports, especially playing baseball during the summers and hockey during the winters. Hockey was my way to stay warm during the winter. Sports instilled a competitive spirit in me to always give forth my best effort and strive to be the best at whatever the task might be. I am in my junior year now at UAA and spend the rest of my time studying.

During my first few weeks here at APCM, I have gained knowledge and skills to prepare me not only for future jobs, but for my future in general.  Working on PowerPoint projects and Excel spreadsheets has helped me fine tune and improve my analytical skills. Financial planning and investment research skills allow me to apply book knowledge to real life situations.  Learning the Bloomberg Terminal also has been interesting, whether it is gathering information about different stocks or bonds, or actually purchasing bonds under the keen supervision of Bill and Jason. The staff at APCM here are true professionals, knowledgeable, and helpful for a young professional just starting a career. I am excited to continue to learn more about institutional investment management and personal wealth management under the tutelage of all these experts here.

(P.S. — Despite us sharing the same last name, I am not related to Cathie Straub, Director of APCM Wealth Management for Individuals. If I was, maybe I would have gotten the internship the first time I applied.)

Jack Straub
Fall 2017 Intern


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