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A Moment with our Intern, Brandon Cole

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BrandonAs summer comes to an end, so does my internship here at Alaska Permanent Capital Management. Working at APCM has been a great experience and I am very grateful to have earned this opportunity to put my college education to practical use.  When I started here I knew very little about finance and private wealth.  Thanks to everyone at APCM I was able to develop a better understanding through assigned projects and hands on help.

The projects I did for the Private Wealth sector revolved mainly around the ins and outs of retirement and the importance of saving money. The lessons I learned from working with the financial planning team proved to be extremely beneficial since most of it is not taught in schools. Being able to see real life examples of what is needed to retire successfully will prove very useful when I enter the workforce, even at a young age.

The work I did for the institutional side ranged from sifting through financial statements to market research and other ad hoc projects as needed. My economics degree proved useful for the first time because some of the research I did required knowledge in economics. I was also able to sit in on an APCM strategy meeting as well where we discussed the current state and future prospects of the global economy. Despite majoring in economics, I had to spend a lot of extra time looking up financial terms and concepts I encountered which were not covered in the classes I’ve taken.  My college does not offer courses on finance so being able to learn so much about how the financial markets work is a major reason why this internship was such a great opportunity.

The real world experience gained from this internship has already proven very helpful. As I enter my senior year, I have more clarity of what my future holds, but there are a lot of big decisions to be made next year. I want to thank the team here at APCM for this opportunity and emphasize again how helpful and considerate the people are that work here.

Brandon Cole
Summer Intern 2016


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