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A Moment with the APCM Intern

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Elena_03252015Alaska Permanent Capital Management continues the tradition, set by Dave Rose, of supporting young Alaskans by providing them the opportunity to gain real word finance experience. Since 2002 APCM has hosted 13 interns, independently or through programs like ASD Gifted Mentorship and the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. In addition to the firm’s mission to provide Alaskans with professional fiduciary investment management, it is important to contribute to the longevity of the community by investing in future leaders.

APCM has had the pleasure of hosting ASD student, Elana Fortson through the ASD Gifted Mentorship Program. The program provides 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity to experience their field of interest by pairing them with professional mentors.

Elana is a junior in the Highly Gifted Program at West High with a focus on mathematics and programming. Outside of her impressive academic accomplishments Elana has a variety of interests, inlcuding: promoting tennis in Anchorage, organizing youth group activities and becoming fluent in Spanish and Hebrew. She has a trip planned to Poland and Isreal with her youth group and hopes to travel to South America one day. Elana admits her job teaching children tennis doesn’t feel like work because she has fun running around with her students.

Given Elana’s excellence in mathematics she indicated on her mentorship application that she was interested in finance and would have also selected computer science, if it was available in Anchorage. Elana self-reports that she enjoys talking, a lot, and likes working with people. I asked her if she considered that her fields of interest, mathematics and computer science, generally attract more introverted people. She said yes, while computer science definitely is more of a solo job she knows achieving a degree in mathematics and economics opens doors to many professions that are more team oriented.

It’s been great having Elana in the office a few hours each week. As she finishes up her internship we look forward to her blog about her experience working with Nick Case, Senior Investment Analyst and Kim Butler, Associate Financial Planner.

Amber Frizzell, AIF®
Client Relationship Manager


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