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A Word from Our Intern

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ErikAs a senior at West Anchorage High School, I decided to enrich my final semester by applying to the Gifted Mentorship program. I have always had an interest in finance, and I was attracted by the program’s ability to show me a field that most high school students like myself don’t have access to.

Upon my acceptance, I began to search for a capital management firm that offered a broad view into both institutional and private investment. Alaska Permanent Capital Management fit this description and came highly recommended by Elana Fortson; a past mentorship student.

After choosing APCM everything aligned and I began my mentorship within a few weeks.

Throughout my time at APCM I have been working primarily under my mentor Nick Case, as well as spending some time with Kim Butler. Mr. Case introduced me to Bloomberg and has shown me the specifics of institutional investment alongside a very comprehensive overview of economics. In learning this rather exclusive software, I was able to create my own fixed income and equity portfolios that we have monitored throughout the mentorship. Ms. Butler showed me the details of private financial planning during our time together. This included creating retirement plans in Money Guide Pro and discussing the spreads of various personal investments.

As the end of my mentorship approaches, I can’t express how valuable of an experience this has been and how much I have enjoyed working at APCM. I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Case for his time, patience, and for making this opportunity possible, as well as all the other smiling faces at Alaska Permanent Capital Management.

Erik Erdmann

APCM appreciates the time and resources it takes to operate the Gifted Mentorship program and thank the organizers for this important opportunity to be a host each year. We have enjoyed working with Erik and know he is off to a great start in his post-secondary career. Right now his long term goal is to work in Investment Management and has his sights set on a handful of Universities. As a dual citizen of Sweden and the U.S. Erik is applying to schools in both countries. His first choice is a top school in the U.S. but being able to receive a free education in Sweden is tempting. With Erik’s affable demeanor and diverse life experiences, from working on the family farm during the summers in Sweden to working diligently on his studies in Alaska, we are positive he has a bright future. We wish Erik the best in his endeavors and hope he keeps in touch to let us know where he lands next.


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