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Brad’s Intern Experience at APCM

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My name is Brad Schierhorn and I am an intern at Alaska Permanent Capital Management for the summer. I was born and raised here in Anchorage, where I attended South Anchorage High School, and am currently attending Dartmouth College where I will be a senior this fall. Growing up in Anchorage, I played all kinds of sports and gained an appreciation for the outdoors. Some things I enjoy in my free time include hockey, golf, hiking, and fishing. When I started going through the process of interviewing for internships this past spring, I didn’t really know what I wanted out of an internship. I also wasn’t sure whether I wanted to work in Alaska or closer to school. However, when APCM offered me the position here, it was a no-brainer, as I would have the opportunity to work for a great firm and also enjoy the Alaskan summer.

Working at APCM has been great for my development towards beginning a career next year, as I have gained all kinds of exposure that I might not have received at a larger firm. Some projects I have worked on so far include a macroeconomic data package of the US economy and a Trade Execution Review of all trades within the past year. These projects are completely different from each other, and have allowed me to learn about the financial industry and our economy from many different angles. I have also sat in on several meetings throughout my time here that have allowed me to learn more about how the company works, which has been very helpful. We have also had several discussions about global issues such as the Greek debt crisis and China’s stock market, which have given me a better knowledge of markets outside the US.

Working at APCM has been great for me in terms of preparing myself for the future. Being exposed to different aspects of the company, gaining a working knowledge of the Bloomberg system, and working through different kinds of projects have been extremely valuable for me. Working here has allowed me to gain real-world practical experience, which, combined with my experience in the classroom, should help me as I take the next step upon graduating this coming spring.

Brad Schierhorn interned at APCM this summer as part of the internship program sponsored by the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. For more information on the program click here.


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