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Internship Opportunity

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Alaska Permanent Capital Management was founded in 1992 by David Rose, a former Executive Director of the Permanent Fund. APCM is an independent investment manager and advisor. APCM’s current clientele is comprised of institutions in the public and private sector as well as individuals under its Private Wealth Division throughout the state of Alaska. With a staff of 17, APCM manages approximately $3.5 Billion of customized portfolios.

Ms. Amber Frizzell
Alaska Permanent Capital Management Co.
900 W 5th Avenue, Suite 601
Anchorage, AK  99501
(907)272-7574 fax

Internship description
The intern will gain exposure to the overall operations of Alaska Permanent Capital Management Co and APCM Wealth Management for Individuals. The intern will work with the firm’s staff on projects relating to marketing, deliverables to the client, investment management projects. Projects may include creating marketing pieces, revamping quarterly presentation materials, using or modeling spreadsheets, databases, or qualitative data related to the portfolios, research, and supporting client delivery, as well as other duties as assigned. Dependent on the firm’s needs at the time of the internship and based on the skills of the intern, they will be exposed to and have responsibilities for multifaceted duties and activities supporting the organization and its clients. This individual must be detail oriented, possess excellent interpersonal, organizational, and analytical skills.

The prospective intern must be a resident of Alaska or an Alaskan attending school inside or outside of Alaska. A Graduate student or students in their junior or senior year working towards their Bachelors degree will be considered. Recent undergraduate course work should emphasize a money management related field such as marketing, economics, business administration, accounting, finance or computer science, with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in their major. The prospective intern must have excellent quantitative skills, a high degree of motivation and initiative and a good working knowledge of computers, Windows operating systems and Word, Excel and Power Point programs.

Internship location – Anchorage, AK

Duration – Spring, Summer or Fall Semester

Wage – $1,500 per month- 24 hours per week

Travel and housing  No Travel or housing is provided. Parking is provided.

Application and method of delivery
Prospective interns should submit via email to a cover letter, a resume and copies of college transcripts.

Deadline – Please contact Amber Frizzell for the current deadline.


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