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Investing in Generations

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nolanYou don’t need your own personal economist to see that there is a generational gap in the workforce – both here in America and abroad. Baby-boomers across the nation are preparing to retire, yet there are not enough people to fill-in the open ranks. Add to this the lack of real-world experience that the incoming generation must make up to adequately fulfill the retirees’ duties and you begin to realize the conundrum that our country is in. Perhaps you are in this situation right now, looking for someone to pass the torch off to without having them accidently burning the place down in the process.

Despite this seemingly dismal outlook, there are still positives to be seen. Millennials like myself are in a prime position. As we graduate and enter the full-time workforce, the opportunities are many and demand is high. A degree, however, isn’t always enough to secure that dream job. Once again, the hurdle of experience stands in our way to the finish line and many a graduate is left standing with tassel in hand, ambition, a willingness to learn, but no coach.

As one of those soon-to-be graduates staring down the track of life, I have been fortunate to be an intern with APCM and therefore have a “coach.” Over the past 3 months I’ve been challenged with projects from both the institutional and individual wealth management teams, had stacks of research dropped on my desk, and have grown rather fond of jet black coffee. Everything that I have learned during my time here can and has been applied to my classes (and vice versa). Most of all, I’ve met a group of people who truly love what they do and care for their clients. Investing is what APCM does, but that includes much more than simply managing corporate accounts, hedging against inflation, and planning for retirement. They invest in generations – human capital like myself – and for that, I am very grateful.

Internships offer more than an income during school; they let people get their foot in the door. Business is an extremely competitive field to be in and the deciding factor to whether or not one is selected for a position often comes down to who you know. Once you get your foot in the door, mobility is fairly easy. For example, I was lucky enough to secure a financial analyst internship with BP for the summer, but I know it would have been very difficult to get have I not first interned with APCM.

As the new year rolls around and you are thinking of possible resolutions, consider starting an internship program if your company does not already have one. Learning goes both ways, and your investment will not be fruitless.

Nolan Cady
Fall 2016 Intern


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