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Meet Our Intern – Meghan Carson

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Meghan-CarsonWe are fortunate to have another smart, capable and community-minded intern. Meet Meghan Carson; she will be with us part-time for another few months. As part of our long tradition of “growing our own” in Alaska, we reached out to our network to find a young adult who would like to gain some finance experience and help us with some administrative duties.

Meghan graduated from UAA with a BA in Economics; she is currently getting her Accounting degree and plans to sit for the CPA exam after she graduates in the spring of 2017. Meghan, a West Anchorage High graduate, attended college in Denver for a couple years and did a study abroad program in London. Although she’s thankful for the time outside and recommends that all students go on a study abroad program, she considers herself a lifelong Alaskan – with the travel bug.

Initially the appeal of helping people led her to study psychology and she didn’t expect to be drawn to anything financial. Through some economics classes she discovered it was challenging (in a good way) and it still had the capacity to help people. While her interests lie more globally, in developing world economics and policy, this was at odds with wanting to make her permanent home here in Alaska. So instead of applying to graduate schools outside, Meghan smartly decided to enter the workforce with some immediately applicable skills: she would take a couple accounting courses. She found she really enjoyed them and decided to pursue accounting further. So far she’s not sure what concentration in accounting she will choose and is finding many aspects of Finance peak her interests. She’s aware that having an accounting degree will put her in high demand, as the need for accounting professionals heavily outweighs the supply.

Meghan has been working primarily with Associate Financial Planner, Kim Butler, and the Individual Wealth Management team. She appreciates that the financial planning software she’s been using has real world application for determining strategies based on clients goals, and helps her think about her own financial priorities. Meghan is also doing the Bloomberg certification training, and has helped with Operations and Trade Settlement. Portfolio Manager, Bill Lierman, was able to talk with her about the bond market which coincided nicely with the Corporate Finance class she is taking, both relaying how the Bond market is often misunderstood. Not only is the Bond market larger than the Equities markets, it’s very diverse and complicated. We’re definitely keeping her busy. She mentioned her days go by quickly, even though she’s here for more hours than her previous job and “it’s a safe learning environment, people are as excited to teach me things as much as I am to learn them, and it’s okay to make mistakes and ask questions”.

We’re thankful for Meghan’s assistance and look forward to keeping up with her next adventures professionally and personally. As a fluent Spanish speaker she plans to someday travel in Latin America, especially to visit Machu Picchu, Peru. In the meantime, if you call the main office line on Monday, Wednesday or Friday she may be the friendly voice answering your call.

Amber Frizzell, AIF®
Client Relationship Manager


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