Meet our intern - Troy Curran - Alaska Permanent Capital Management


Meet our intern – Troy Curran

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Who I am 
I grew up in Bozeman, Montana – a small town with a population of about 40,000 people nestled at the base of the Bridger Mountain Range. Growing up in this outdoor community, I have always found my home in the open-air. From skiing in the winter to golfing in the summer, when the sun was out, so was I. My love of nature led me to apply for internships where I could spend time outdoors hiking and fishing. High up on my list of desired destinations was Anchorage where I heard the summers were unparalleled. Luckily the stars aligned and I landed the internship here at Alaska Permanent Capital Management.  
Upon graduating from Bozeman High School, I enrolled at Washington State University to study International Finance and Spanish. At WSU, I am a member of the fraternity Phi Kappa Theta and have served as Scholarship Chairman on the Executive Board. I was responsible for ensuring the academic success of my chapter members, and I helped lead our chapter to the second highest grade point average out of twenty-seven fraternities on campus. My time as a Phi Kap has introduced me to some of my best friends and helped me become a leader within the Greek community.
Although I love being on the WSU campus, I spent my last semester studying at La Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in Spain. Studying abroad opened my eyes to a completely different culture and made me much more independent. While it was difficult to leave my friends behind and travel halfway across the world alone, it was the best decision I have ever made. It truly changed my perspective on life. This Fall, I look forward to bringing this new outlook to Pullman to finish my final year of my undergraduate degree (Scary!).
My experience so far 
Working at Alaska Permanent Capital Management for just under a month, I have already been able to apply numerous theories and ideas I learned in school to practical situations in the real world. So far I have been learning about retirement planning by working on asset review presentations and familiarizing myself with MoneyGuidePro software. I recently started the Bloomberg Market Concepts program where I am learning how to utilize Bloomberg data analytics to evaluate stocks and monitor market trends. Since my first day, the people at APCM have helped me find my way and answered every question I have had. My experience thus far has been so positive that I am now certain that a career in the Finance industry is what I want to pursue. 
The rest of my time here 
In my remaining time here with APCM, I look forward to further expanding my knowledge of the industry. In the three short weeks that I have been here I have already learned so much that I can’t imagine how much more I will learn in three months’ time. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to intern here with Alaska Permanent Capital Management, and I look forward to a summer exploring all the opportunities that a Finance degree offers.
Thanks for reading and Go Cougs!
Troy Curran 
Summer Intern 2017
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