Meet Our New Intern - Brandon Cole - Alaska Permanent Capital Management


Meet Our New Intern – Brandon Cole

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BrandonMy name is Brandon Cole and I am the new summer intern for Alaska Permanent Capital Management. A little about me, I was born and raised in Alaska and attended Dimond High School for two years. After my short stint at Dimond I left for a boarding school in New Hampshire in order to pursue a better education and to further my hockey career. Following my graduation at the boarding school, I matriculated to Trinity College where I am currently working towards a degree in Economics. In my free time, when I am not training for hockey, I can be found in the outdoors where I enjoy hiking and fishing. Even though I have spent the majority of the last six years on the East Coast, I hold a deep appreciation for Alaska and hope to return after college.

Entering my senior year, I had little experience in both finance and business. In order to gain a greater understanding and decide if this is a path that I want to pursue, I started researching local summer internships. I was fortunate enough to know the summer intern from last summer, Brad Schierhorn, who suggested I look into the internship offered by APCM. I knew that, with the size of the firm, working there would offer greater opportunities as well as diverse exposure to the world of finance. For these reasons I was very pleased when I learned that I had received the summer internship.

So far I have been introduced to the individual wealth management sector of APCM. I have already learned a lot about the importance of wealth management and the necessary steps to protect one’s savings. I have recently started to learn about utilizing a Bloomberg Terminal and I hope to put it to good use throughout the summer. I am excited to gain work experience, as well as life lessons, this summer at APCM. I know that my time here will prepare me for a year from now when I enter the work force.

Brandon Cole

Our long standing tradition of investing in Alaskans, started by founder Dave Rose, is still important to the firm today. Providing Alaskan students learning opportunities in finance is one way APCM continues to build and participate in our community.


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