Meet Our Spring Intern - Nathanial Watanabe - Alaska Permanent Capital Management


Meet Our Spring Intern – Nathanial Watanabe

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Being in a classroom and being in an actual work setting are two different beasts. I feel like, in the classroom, I am learning theories and models that can be used in real business settings, sometimes. I study material that the professor has given me, then prove if I know the content through tests. Some people excel at this sort of learning, and I would say that a great majority of students, like myself, prefer hands-on learning. Here at APCM, I am not only being taught by gifted professionals how to use these theories and models, but also experiencing what it is like in the real world and applying what I learn in a professional setting.

I am currently a junior studying economics with a minor in mathematics at the University of Alaska Anchorage. I very much enjoy my chosen degree path, and I felt that I needed some work experience to become a better candidate in the workforce after I graduate, which led me to apply as an intern here at APCM.

Since day one, I was greeted with smiles, great team cohesion, and unparalleled professionalism. I am currently being taught how to use financial software such as MoneyGuidePro and Bloomberg and had the opportunity to assist on projects. I have been working with both the private and institutional teams, which is fantastic since I do not know what specific business field I want to get into after I graduate. Even though it has been a little less than a month, I have learned a lot of new material that can be applied in the classroom and even in my personal life.

I have not only been learning content related to finance, but client relationships as well. Given that I am rather timid it’s a great exercise for me to interact with clients when they arrive and over the phone. I very much appreciate this opportunity that pushes me a little out of my comfort-zone and increases my confidence to interact and socialize.

It is clear why APCM excels at what they do. It is due to their strong team and talented professionals. They do not only invest on the behalf of their clients, but also invest in Alaska’s future through their work outside of APCM, as well as the support of students like me.

Nathanial Watanabe
Spring Intern 2017


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