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Staff Spotlight – Bill Lierman

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We would like to congratulate one of our own, Bill Lierman, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer – Fixed Income, on being named to Alaska Journal’s Top Forty Under 40 list. This list recognizes the state’s top young professionals who have demonstrated professional excellence and a commitment to our community. We are very proud of Bill and happy to have him on the APCM team. Here is a snippet of the interview he did with the Alaska Journal of Commerce.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, economics, Western Washington, Chartered Financial Analyst

Community work: Sit on the board of Chugiak Eagle River Foundation; high school baseball coach (13 years); youth baseball and hockey coach (5 years)

Family: Megan Lierman, Wife; Liam and Brennan, son; Keri Lierman, sister

Hometown: Born at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois; grew up in Eagle River

Current city: Eagle River

What is your favorite place in Alaska and why? Any remote place, as it is a time to unwind, take in majestic beauty, and realize that not too many people have been there.

What is your most memorable Alaska experience? Making my first solo flight from Merrill Field to Talkeetna

Name the person you most respect and why. My father, he was a humble person who never talked about himself. He was a straight-forward person who allowed me to make mistakes, told me where and what i did wrong, and made sure he supported me.

What is your pastime or hobby away from work? Being with my family and people I enjoy being around. There is only one certainty and that is life is too short.

Favorite quote: “Intent and Resolve” by Roger Sparks. I use those three words and apply it to everything I do.

What was your first job? Scrubbing the underbelly of planes for Short Brothers Sky Vans

What is the book that you most recommend? “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by David Kahneman

Based on your own experiences, what advice would you give on maintaining a good work-life balance? Compartmentalize and set time aside for work,family, friends, and yourself. When you are with one of the four, you give your full mind and effort to it.

What has been your most rewarding community service, and what is your pitch when you are seeking others to get involved in a cause? Talking with my former high school players or their parents who reach out and tell me something that had a lasting effect on them or son is the most rewarding. At my father’s funeral, one of his former players came up to me to tell me that they would not have succeeded and gotten to their current point in life without my father. I realized at that moment that community service is not necessarily instant gratification but something that evolves over time.

What has it been like carrying on your father’s legacy with the College coaches Clinic and what is your vision for the future of the program? I enjoy it as I get to think about my father and continue his vision and tweak it with the evolution of the baseball community. I would like to continue to reach as many players as possible within Alaska and provide an opportunity for them to reach their max potential.


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