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Welcome Our Newest Team Member – Kailie Abascal

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_D1A3208Please join us in welcoming our newest Associate Financial Planner, Kailie Abascal. Kailie brings a unique background and perspective to APCM and the financial planning industry.

Kailie attended the University of Washington, where she earned a BA in International Studies and a BA in Spanish Language and Literature. During her time at UW, she studied abroad in Cienfuegos, Cuba and Quito, Ecuador, and fell in love with the cultures and history of Latin America. Upon graduating, Kailie moved to Oaxaca, Mexico, where she earned the Teacher of English to Speaker of Other Languages (TESOL) certification, and worked as an Instructional Supervisor at Berlitz Language Center. She lived and worked in Mexico for nearly three years, before moving back to the United States to pursue her Master’s degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at New York University on a full scholarship.

After completing her Masters, Kailie began working at the Council of the Americas, an international business membership organization committed to economic and social development throughout the Western Hemisphere. This was supposed to be her dream job. She had finally made it!…or so she thought. Not too long thereafter, however, she realized that the big city life wasn’t for her, and the work she thought she would love left her feeling like another cog in a wheel. She had wanted to make a positive change in the lives of the people that she learned to love through books, but she began feeling that her efforts made only the tiniest of a dent. She felt powerless and unfulfilled. And more than anything, she missed the connection with the outdoors that she cherished so much from growing up in the Pacific Northwest.

In the unlikeliest of events, it was during a conversation with her dad that Kailie had her “AHA!” moment. They were discussing her disillusion with her career path and all the years she had put into it, and she asked him what he loved most about his job. He was a financial advisor, and always had “great!” days every time she asked him how his day went. She wanted every day to be a great day too. He told her his favorite part of his job was talking with people about their goals and dreams, and then working to help them achieve them. That was right up her alley. Coincidentally, he had an entry-level opening that he needed to fill. So, taking a wild chance, she packed up her life to move back to Washington to start working with her dad at his RIA.

The unexpected change made a world of difference. Each day at the RIA, Kailie felt like she was making a real impact – not on the macro scale like she had envisioned would be the case in public policy, but in a more meaningful and measurable way for the clients she worked with. Completely engrossed in this new career path, she realized that the industry offered her everything she loved about her previous jobs without the parts she didn’t. She wanted more than just a job – she wanted a lifestyle she could believe in. In 2014, Kailie began taking education requirements for the CFP certification, and she will be sitting for the CFP board exam later this year. When she’s not studying for the CFP exam, Kailie loves exploring her new home here in Alaska, where she likes to hike and go backcountry camping with her husband and golden doodle puppy, Cachita.

We are so glad that Kailie has brought so many great skills and diversity to the team. With growth near 40% we are putting her to work right on day one. Kailie looks forward to meeting all of our wonderful clients.


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