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Getting It Right for the Long Run

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J. Simeonoff

I’ve been in business in the Anchorage community for over 20 years. In that time I have had the privilege of knowing and being mentored by some people with incredible character. D.H. Cuddy taught me to always focus on what was right in the long run and ignore the alluring fads of the moment. He helmed his bank through five decades of changes and a financial crisis doing business his way. Chuck Becker taught me to be gracious in business. He asked me to be patient with people even when I was frustrated. He will long be remembered as an admired ambassador for our community connecting many odd bedfellows like no one else could.

I am proud to work for an organization founded by another great man of incredible character. In my interaction with clients in the community, I often hear the stories of his big work – the first director of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation and less well known – starting the careers of many young Alaskans.

Anchorage Daily News archive-Dave Rose
                               Dave Rose                                           February 15, 1937 – May 27, 2006

On May 16, 2015, Dave Rose was given the honorary name of Ikayutai (Helper of Many) by the Alutiiq people of Afognak Native Corporation, commemorative artwork featured above. As part of their annual meeting, he was recognized for his help relocating Afognak to Port Lions after the 1964 earthquake and tsunami destroyed the Afognak people’s village. He generously contributed his expertise to rebuilding their community then, and went on to develop their Shareholder Permanent Investment Fund that contributes to their financial prosperity today.

What struck me is that his kind act was over 50 years ago and Dave Rose has not been with us for nearly 10 years. What he left for them and for us here at APCM was the freedom to do the right thing. That legacy still drives every decision we make for our clients, ‘get it right for the long run’.

Laura Bruce, CFP®, ChFC®
Director, APCM Wealth Management for Individuals


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