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The Speed of Life

zimmermanKnowing that I am a lover of quotations, a client recently gifted me a book of Chinese proverbs. Since we talk about early money messages at our workshops, I thumbed through the book to see what kind of one-liners the Chinese might use when it comes to money. I stumbled on one that is as profound as it is simple. “An ounce of gold cannot buy an ounce of time.”

I find it interesting that in these two subjects, time and money, we use the word “spend” to describe how we use the resource. “I spent the day at the museum.” “I spent a fortune at the Nordstrom Sale.” “It was time well-spent.” “It was money well-spent.”

There are differences, of course. We can save and stock up on money. We can’t, as Jim Croce wrote, “put time in a bottle.” Yet the hours and the days make up a portfolio of our life. The first quarter of 2016 has been spent.

My parents used to love watching the comedienne, Jack Benny, who was known for being a cheapskate. In one of his skits, a robber came up to him at gunpoint saying, “your money or your life.” Jack Benny characteristically put his elbow in one hand and, with the other hand on his chin, said nothing. Again, the robber said, “your money or your life.” Jack Benny paused, and then said, “I’m thinking. I’m thinking.”

Let’s propose a change from “money OR life.” There are few places where we can converse about money AND life. It is a provocative topic. Join us as we delve deeply into what this means for you.

Ah, the alchemy of an ounce of gold AND an ounce of time.  I wonder what Confucius would have said about that!

Mary Zimmerman, CFP®, RLP®
Path Financial Strategies

Mary is our Empowered Women Smart Money spring event guest speaker. She is a founding member of the Kinder Life Institute of Planning and will be leading a workshop to help you discover and reinvent your relationship with money. Doors open with champagne served at 4:00 p.m., Monday, April 25, at the Petroleum Club of Anchorage. If you would like to attend please contact


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