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A Collaborative Approach to Your Vision, Your Future

LauraI often joke with my clients that ‘I missed a meeting and became the president of the Anchorage Estate Planning Council’. While this is a true, yet funny statement, we sincerely believe being part of this collaborative group is a great benefit to our clients. Cathie and I are both pleased to be past presidents and appreciate interacting with the attorneys, CPA’s, financial advisors and insurance experts in the Council.

Almost all people need legal, tax, risk management and financial strategies to make the most of their money and wealth. We also believe no one person is an expert in all of these areas. We are an ally, interacting with your other advisors.

Our agreement specifically states that we do not provide tax or legal advice. You already know we do not “sell” insurance or any related products. For example, your tax advisor will determine your optimal tax strategy and planning. We then collaborate with them to make sure your investment strategy is in line with your tax status. In the same manner, we interact with your attorney to ensure your investment and financial strategies coordinate with your estate planning, such as account registration, beneficiary designations and even charitable planning intentions. Having your permission to work with your other advisors improves our effectiveness, as well as adding efficiencies to the time and effort you spend communicating with your advisors.

As your financial strategist, we understand the importance of ensuring that all the components of your financial plan are coordinated and organized. With this in mind, please introduce us to your other advisors if you have not already. If you are not sure what professionals you need on your team, we can provide referrals. It’s all about making sure your advisors are on board with helping you live your vision for your future.

Laura Bruce, CFP®, ChFC®
Senior Vice President, Director of Client Relations


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