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My Favorite Martian

my-favorite-martianI had a brief recollection of a TV show when I was young called My Favorite Martian. My kids cannot believe that TV was black & white in my lifetime and cell phones were unheard of, much less the internet. The future is full of unknowns, although no Martians so far that we know of, but it sure is fun trying to imagine what the future might hold. Which brings me to my favorite blog, the real topic here. People often ask me what I read or follow, and I do follow a few blogs outside of pure financial planning and investments.

My favorite blog is Dr. Thomas Frey of the DaVinci Institute. His blog is titled “Future Trend Report”. I had the good fortune of hearing Dr. Frey speak at a conference and he was fascinating. His resume and background alone are amazing. He founded the DaVinci Institute after leaving IBM, where he worked as an engineer. The DaVinci Institute describes itself as a “non-profit futurist think tank”. More information about the DaVinci Institute and Dr. Frey can be found at their website:

I captured my team’s attention here with this blog about Dr. Frey coming to Alaska:

I wish I would have known he was coming, as I would have loved to coordinate for him to speak here. He is an outstanding speaker, writer and visionary, if you ever have the chance to hear him.

I also get asked about my favorite periodical, which has to be The Economist. It amazes me how they can find so much to write about each week and be insightful on global topics. It keeps us in touch with issues around the world, instead of a myopic U.S. focus. It also challenges you to think about your personal opinion on issues as a reminder that there is always more than one side to the story. Their articles address issues not just related to finance/economics, but also social issues, politics, and science. It is difficult to keep up with every week but well worth the effort.

It is always interesting to ask what people are reading, as we only have so much time in a day, week, month, or year, so we have to limit our time to what is most appealing and effective. You also have to be careful of information overload. I am fortunate here that our Chief Investment Officer, Jeff Pantages, reads more than any person I know, and then he passes along the good stuff after he reviews it. You have the good fortune of following our blog, where he and his team pass along that information to you on Fridays. After you read our financial planning blog on Wednesdays of course.

Cathie Straub, CPA, CFP®
Director, APCM Wealth Management for Individuals


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