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The Cost of Disorganization…Can You Afford It?

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Patty Kreamer, Certified Professional Organizer®

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For most professionals, being organized means “a place for everything and everything in its place,” but the true definition of being organized is being able to find things when you need them, not three weeks later.

If you ask me, being organized means saving BIG money…period. Simply put, time is money. If you waste time all day long looking for things, you are wasting money.

NEWS FLASH: If you spend an average of just five minutes of every hour of an eight-hour day looking for things, that adds up to over four weeks per year (166+ hours). It adds up fast when you take your hourly rate of pay and multiply it by 166 hours per year. And you know that many times we spend hours looking for just one file or document!

For starters, if you aren’t as organized as you’d like to be, you have to look inside yourself and explore WHY you are not organized. By revealing your nature, you can learn to work WITH your habits instead of AGAINST them.

Second, you have to take the time to look at your space and map out what you want the space to look like when you are done BEFORE you touch the first piece of clutter.

Finally, you get to declutter by sorting and putting away in a methodical fashion.

Most people I know skip the first and second steps and just start to tear into the clutter but don’t develop any long-lasting systems. This Band-Aid® will only last a short while before clutter begins to creep back into your life.

The bad news is that getting organized takes time and commitment. It has to be on your list of priorities for it to really become achievable.

The good news is that getting organized is simple if done methodically. The other good news is that it pays off. Organization provides a less stressful work environment, boosts morale, increases productivity and positively affects the bottom line. And even more good news, there are Certified Professional Organizers® who can help you organize quickly and effectively.

Can you afford to be disorganized? Schedule the time to declutter and soon you’ll be inspired to continue because you’ll feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders!

Patty Kreamer is a Certified Professional Organizer®, Productivity Coach for Financial Advisors, speaker, author and Partner/Co-owner of Referral Institute of Western PA, LLC. She works directly with financial advisors to help them develop strategic practice management processes in order to become more productive and perform better.

Patty is the author of …But I Might Need It Someday!, The Power of Simplicity, and co-author with Stephen Covey in Success SimplifiedIf you’re looking for a fun, dynamic, and effective speaker, or if you or your firm would benefit from a Productivity Coach, Patty is available. Call her at 412-352-2888 or email her directly at

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