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Women and Their Secret Power

If you are a guy, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Women can collaborate like crazy and most LOVE to do it. When they do, they leverage the power of many and the results can be amazing. I realized this secret skill recently as we worked on our upcoming community service project for teens called, The Empowerment Project.

The Empowerment Project is a three-part event taking place at the Bear Tooth Theatre on October 20th, 2017. The audience is teen girls in Anchorage and the objective is teaching them that they already possess this super power and how to harness it. Part one is the showing of the documentary, The Empowerment Project an inspirational film about 5 female movie makers in their 20s driving cross country to interview some of the most successful women in America. Part two of the event is interviewing a panel of three of Alaska’s own up and coming female success stories. Lastly, part three is the opportunity for our audience to interact directly with not only the panelists, but an incredible collection of Alaskan women leaders in their field from Architects to Volcanologists.

Events with three parts don’t just happen on their own. We assembled some of the ‘connectors’ and ‘doers’ in the community. The only problem in planning and filling this event was holding them back. The event is close to capacity and outside of a Facebook event posting, we have not yet advertised. Women leaders have volunteered and met to discuss their contributions over coffee. The network web that has ensued has assured us we have now tapped the superpower. We are thrilled to sponsor this amazing event to ensure our daughters tap into the secret power, or as the movie trailer says, “what would you do if you knew you would succeed”.

Laura Bruce, CFP®, ChFC®
Director, APCM Wealth Management for Individuals


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