Meet Your Advisors

Based in Anchorage, Alaska we provide sound financial advice and portfolio management allowing you to focus on your business, family, and personal goals with a sense of empowerment and well-being. Our investment team members have advanced degrees and professional designations, including:


Marietta Hall, CFP®, Senior Advisor

Meghan Carson, CPA, CFP®, Financial Advisor

Connor Michael, CFP®, Financial Advisor

Nic Cohen, Financial Advisor

Tuan Graziano, Associate Financial Advisor

Leah Levingston, Associate Financial Advisor

Sadie Bjornsen Maubet, Associate Financial Advisor

Stan Moiseev, Associate Financial Advisor

Kelsey Rising, Associate Financial Advisor

Katelynn Toth, Associate Financial Advisor


Amber Frizzell, AIF®, Director of Operations and Marketing

Mary Kate Herndon, FPQP™, Operations Manager

Krista Dennison, Operations Specialist

Cally Eberhardt, Operations Specialist

Kim Butler, CFP®, Compliance Officer

Blog Posts

Meet our new Associate Financial Advisor – Tuan Graziano

Born in Vietnam to an Italian American father and a Vietnamese Chinese mother, my family and I were always on the move. My father and I eventually moved back to the US, and he finally decided to retire in the Last Frontier. While I didn’t stay in any one location during my childhood years long […]
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Should Crypto-Currencies be Part of Your Strategic Allocation?

One should consider a long list of data, information, and interactions when determining whether an asset should be included in a portfolio. The entire list would be too much to go into here. However, there is a quantitative measure that is very helpful in determining whether, over the long term, an asset would be a […]
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Guest Blog: Linda Leary on Growth Mindset

For this week’s blog, we invited Linda Leary to write a few words about her extensive experience in Alaska business. An intriguingly diverse set of titles follows Linda; international trucking and logistics expert, outdoor industry small business owner, expert networker, mother, entrepreneurial mentor, fly fisherman, board member… the list goes on. As multifaceted as Linda’s […]
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