Institutional Wealth Management Services

Investment Management Services

Investment Management Services

Investment Management

Alaska Permanent Capital Management has been serving Alaska organizations for over 30 years. As an SEC Registered Investment Advisor owned and operated by Alaskans, we assist institutional clients with fulfilling their Fiduciary obligations by following a prudent and transparent investment process.

APCM’s investment philosophy is focused on customized separate accounts and we do not utilize proprietary products in our portfolio creation to ensure no conflicts of interest and the ability to have dynamic portfolios that are able to be as flexible as our client’s needs. Our team works diligently to determine client investment needs; account asset allocations vary between solely fixed income to multi-asset strategies tailored to the appropriate risk and return requirements of each client. This is accomplished by integrating the client’s investment plan within their overall business strategy.

Our investment team is composed of highly experienced individuals. Seven professionals at the firm hold the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, one of the highest-regarded credentials in the financial services industry. The team provides expert financial guidance in collaboration with clients to assist, define, and achieve their financial goals.

Asset Allocation Services

Short Term Reserves

Funds that are in excess of operating reserves or used to finance capital spending plans.

Medium Term Reserves

Reserve funds that are not anticipated to be used, but may need to be drawn upon given unexpected circumstances.

Permanent Funds

Perpetual investment account which can be invested for long term growth and/or to provide sustainable distributions.

Operating Cash

Funds in this bucket are managed with an emphasis on safety and liquidity.

Institutional wealth management services

Comprehensive Services

Institutional Wealth Management Services Research

Review of Investment Policy Statements

Institutional Wealth Management Services Portfolio

Create an optimal portfolio based on client’s objectives and constraints


Cash flow simulations to review potential wealth distributions


Coordinate objectives of investment, spending, and contribution policies


Board, Assembly, and Council Education

Institutional Wealth Management Services Risk Management

Risk management tools to quantify and evaluate potential exposure to loss

Institutional Wealth Management Services Fund Selection

Selection of funds and investment vehicles

Institutional Wealth Management Services Annual Review

Annual review of asset allocation and capital market assumptions

Institutional Wealth Management Services Investment Strategies

Evaluation of new asset classes and investment strategies


Regular communication and performance reporting

Institutional Wealth Management Services Trading

Portfolio trading and rebalancing

Transparent Fees

Let’s talk about fees.

APCM’s investment philosophy is built on the foundational principle, “focus on what you can control”; asset allocation, fees, and expenses.

Therefore one low, transparent fee covers all services.