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Alaska Native Corporations


Specialized Experience

APCM has been partnering with Alaska Native Corporations since the establishment of our firm. We firmly believe that there is no financial institution with the depth or breadth of specialized experience required to navigate the unique landscape that ANCs face. As your fiduciary, we are able to share the knowledge gained over the last three decades to successfully provide solutions that are customized to fit your corporation and maximize the benefits to your shareholders.

Asset Allocation Services

Settlement Trusts

We offer unparalleled expertise in helping to establish and manage settlement trusts. With the tremendous benefits provided to shareholders through the new tax law changes, we have been able to assist our partners in setting up successful investment plans to help current and future generations. Additionally, we have assisted in establishing accounts for the benefit of elders or educational endowments under the umbrella of the trust. From initial formation to running distribution scenarios for more mature settlement trusts, we pride ourselves on providing a full spectrum of advisory services for trustees to assist with the stewardship of these generational trusts.

Corporate Accounts

Since the passing of ANCSA, ANCs have been able to successfully build themselves into influential business institutions that have created a strong financial foundation for their shareholders. Over our long history working with ANCs, we have developed a process built on collaboration with management and the board to create investment plans that complement the success of the operating businesses

Carbon Credits

With the burgeoning carbon credit market, some regions have been able to capitalize on their existing landholdings to sell carbon offset credits for the benefit of their shareholders and at the same time protect their lands for generations to come. Along with these new opportunities come a variety of challenges, including the establishment of investment funds that are managed to meet the required protocols of the carbon offset market. These services have already proven extremely valuable to many of our clients while ensuring that they are meeting the future financial requirements of these programs.

Institutional wealth management services

Comprehensive Services

Institutional Wealth Management Services Research

Review of Investment Policy Statements

Institutional Wealth Management Services Portfolio

Create an optimal portfolio based on client’s objectives and constraints


Cash flow simulations to review potential wealth distributions


Coordinate objectives of investment, spending, and contribution policies


Board, Assembly, and Council Education

Institutional Wealth Management Services Risk Management

Risk management tools to quantify and evaluate potential exposure to loss

Institutional Wealth Management Services Fund Selection

Selection of funds and investment vehicles

Institutional Wealth Management Services Annual Review

Annual review of asset allocation and capital market assumptions

Institutional Wealth Management Services Investment Strategies

Evaluation of new asset classes and investment strategies


Regular communication and performance reporting

Institutional Wealth Management Services Trading

Portfolio trading and rebalancing

Transparent Fees

Let’s talk about fees.

APCM’s investment philosophy is built on the foundational principle, “focus on what you can control”; asset allocation, fees, and expenses.

Therefore one low, transparent fee covers all services.