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Public Entities

Investment Management Services

Specialized Experience

Permanent Funds

Following the lead of the State, many municipalities have set aside funds to create long-term investment accounts for their community. We manage funds for public entities across the state to create investment strategies that can support their communities through sustainable regular distributions to the local budget. Additionally, we also continue to help start these funds from the ground up utilizing our broad experience; we can provide all the planning tools needed to establish a new investment policy, strategic modeling for budgetary expectations, and education of council or assembly representatives.

Operating Funds and Cash Flow Analysis

Public finance officers are tasked with handling a dizzying amount of fiscal responsibilities for their respective communities. APCM partners with administrative and finance departments to help maximize returns on their working capital by investing funds that are needed in the near term but not immediately. We partner with many of our clients to help analyze cash flows and help identify those opportunities and other analyses that can be complementary to internal staff directives.

Comprehensive Services

Institutional Wealth Management Services Research

Review of Investment Policy Statements

Institutional Wealth Management Services Portfolio

Create an optimal portfolio based on client’s objectives and constraints


Cash flow simulations to review potential wealth distributions


Coordinate objectives of investment, spending, and contribution policies


Board, Assembly, and Council Education

Institutional Wealth Management Services Risk Management

Risk management tools to quantify and evaluate potential exposure to loss

Institutional Wealth Management Services Fund Selection

Selection of funds and investment vehicles

Institutional Wealth Management Services Annual Review

Annual review of asset allocation and capital market assumptions

Institutional Wealth Management Services Investment Strategies

Evaluation of new asset classes and investment strategies


Regular communication and performance reporting

Institutional Wealth Management Services Trading

Portfolio trading and rebalancing

Transparent Fees

Let’s talk about fees.

APCM’s investment philosophy is built on the foundational principle, “focus on what you can control”; asset allocation, fees, and expenses.

Therefore one low, transparent fee covers all services.