July 17, 2023

Hello, Evan Rose here. I’d like to stop for a moment and commemorate something special. When we slow down to focus on the past, it helps us reflect and, for me, helps me focus on what’s important for the future. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the business of life and work, to get occupied with obligations, to-dos, and the needs of others. Celebrating a work anniversary, with all the other celebrations we focus on in the year, can sometimes seem like a hassle. 

In 2023, we’ll start our 31st year of business at APCM. Our firm has stood the test of three decades; we’ve grown from one employee to thirty-three. 

Thirty years ago, my dad, Dave Rose, started this investment firm when he saw an opportunity and, in some cases, the unfair treatment towards Alaskan entities, so he set out to help them. Noticing a growing need to help local governments manage their fixed-income investments and ultimately to help maximize the impact on the local communities. 

We have the good fortune to serve clients all over the state, which has brought some great adventures. Lots of those adventures start with bad weather. I have been “stuck” in communities all over Alaska, from Unalaska to Utqiaqvik. The great part of these trips is getting to know local people. I have cherished hiking and fishing all over Alaska.

APCM and AWMI, both registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), have over 5-billion in assets under management and advisement and provides investment management strategies to institutions and individuals.

In 2006, my father passed away, whereupon I assumed stewardship of the business. I’m very grateful for the trust our clients have placed in us. It’s been a wonderful three decades of serving the financial needs of so many great people and businesses. 

In 2014, APCM employees Laura Bruce and Cathie Straub launched a subsidiary company, APCM Wealth Management for Individuals. Currently, this subsidiary is managing $690 Million in assets for individuals, people like you, and me. 

I’d like to make a toast, to raise a glass. Thank you to those who made my dad’s dream happen. Thanks to the clients, the employees, and the committed family members who shared in this vision. 

Looking forward, we’ll continue to do what works. I believe Alaska is where we can place our trust and focus. I encourage our clients to access our eager local team, who is familiar with the state’s uniqueness and willing to strive for you. It’s a different mindset than large Outside firms, but it seems to serve our customers well.