APCM Welcomes Summer Intern – Ivy E Smith

July 17, 2023

The team at APCM has a business partnership with Sealaska, who provides interns to businesses throughout the state.

Please help us welcome Ivy Smith to the APCM team.  

Ivy E Smith

Gunalchéesh, my name is Ivy E Smith. My people are the Tlingit tribe from the T’akdeintaan clan from Tax’ Hít (SNAIL HOUSE) in Xunaa Kwáan (Hoonah, AK). In December 2023, I will graduate from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a BBA in Management. I was born and raised in Ketchikan, graduated high school in 2016 from Kayhi, and shortly after that, I started attending UAA for a BBA in Management. My passion is to provide resources for the people of my community back in Ketchikan and the rest of Alaska.

Growing up around a family of strong indigenous women has helped form me into the person that I am today. I was taught to seize every opportunity that I could, including the opportunity to be an Intern with APCM through Sealaska. Throughout the pandemic, I spent a lot of time thinking of what I wanted to do with my career; I have concluded that life is forever shifting, so with that, I decided to go for the intimidating option before me, which was a Fixed Income Internship position. I had been looking at it every January for two years and finally decided to commit. Over the course of my college career, I have always found Finance intriguing, I took a few classes to get the most out of it, and I found myself wanting to learn even more after those classes. This ultimately led me to believe that my interest in Finance was driving me towards a career in it, which I decided should start with an internship.

As I have grown, I have learned the value of community, such as assisting and learning from our elders to learn ourselves and teach the youth. With that, I have been able to carry many of those skills over into this new chapter of my career life; I can open my mind to new opportunities by listening to those who have been doing the job for many years and take the knowledge that they’re trying to instill in me and apply it into my work.

This is allowing me to assist in building a company’s wealth along with my own. The way that I was raised has taught me to respect those who genuinely are taking time to encourage and educate the young. I know as an intern with APCM, my colleagues will invest in me in ways that other companies wouldn’t be able to accomplish, and I am given the freedom to use my heritage, individuality, and education in the best way possible throughout my time at this company.

During my time here, I hope to apply my college education and experience to this internship while also developing a more well-rounded concept of what it really means to be in the finance field of life. I’m excited to learn more about the team within APCM, along with many others that I will meet along the way. As we move through these next few months, I am excited to absorb the fountain of knowledge that this company will be pouring into me.


Thank you

Ivy Smith

Summer Intern at Alaska Permanent Capital Management